Transitioning from Wasteful to Sustainable Cities


Content, progress and pedagogy of the module

Learning objectives


  • Has a basic understanding of the infrastructural sectors making up a city and knowledge of the main sustainability challenges they face, as well as the main drivers behind the challenges
  • Has basic knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of the institutions and organisations making up cities
  • Has basic knowledge of waste, waste management and resource use
  • Knows the system levels, organisations, institutions and governance within the waste management sector
  • Knows the waste hierarchy and its development
  • Has knowledge of systems thinking and life cycle assessment tools, as well as the resource consumption issues that face cities based on life cycle thinking perspective


  • Can use relevant tools and methods to plan and assess sustainable waste management
  • Can assess strategies for handling waste and use of resources based on the waste hierarchy
  • Has skills to produce basic life cycle assessments and interpret their outcomes
  • Can relate changes in living standards and demographics to resource use


  • Has an understanding of system impacts from changes in waste handling and resource use in cities
  • Can facilitate and contribute to planning processes concerning waste handling
  • Can identify and assess factors of lock-in limiting sustainable resource use and waste handling
  • Can use circular economy concepts in analyses and planning
  • Can engage in and critically reflect upon waste management processes and resource use in cities.

Type of instruction

Lectures, workshops, synopses, seminars, assignments, etc.



Name of examTransitioning from Wasteful to Sustainable Cities
Type of exam
Written or oral exam
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingInternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Facts about the module

Danish titleBƦredygtige byer, affald og ressourcer
Module codePGLSUSK19103
Module typeCourse
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionEnglish
Location of the lectureCampus Copenhagen
Responsible for the module


Education ownerMaster of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Sustainable Cities)
Study BoardStudy Board of Planning and Surveying
DepartmentDepartment of Sustainability and Planning
FacultyThe Technical Faculty of IT and Design