Applied Project Management within Medicine with Industrial Specialisation


Recommended prerequisite for participation in the module

Participation in all exams of the 1st Semester is required

Content, progress and pedagogy of the module

Learning objectives


  • Extract relevant information from the scientific literature and interpret that information in relation to the problem
  • Formulate and test a scientific hypothesis
  • Apply selected scientific methods to the identified problem and argue for the relevance of these methods
  • Present data graphically
  • Create a presentation of the project using digital tools
  • Presentation of the project written and orally
  • Evaluate the planning of the project work and reflect on the significance of planning for the accomplishment of the project
  • Identify own need for learning and knowledge to conduct the project


  • Give and receive peer-feedback

Type of instruction

  • Problem-Based Project (supporting skills training must have a maximum size of 1.5 ECTS)



Name of examApplied Project Management within Medicine with Industrial Specialisation
Type of exam
Oral exam based on a project
Permitted aidsPlease refer to the semester description.
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingExternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Additional information

Please consult the Moodle page for your semester and contact the semester coordinator if you have academic questions, or the study secretary if you have administrative questions.

All other enquiries may be directed to Helene Nørgaard, secretary of the Study Board.

Facts about the module

Danish titleAnvendt projektledelse indenfor medicin med industriel specialisering
Module codeMEDMS24K2_1
Module typeProject
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionEnglish
Location of the lectureCampus Aalborg
Responsible for the module


Education ownerMaster of Science (MSc) in Medicine with Industrial Specialisation
Study BoardStudy Board of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Clinical Medicine
FacultyThe Faculty of Medicine