Collaborative Robotics


Content, progress and pedagogy of the module


Collaborative robots, are robots that are designed to work with humans or together. The objective of this project is to provide students with core competencies within the field of collaborative robotics and hereby enabling them to analyse, design and implement robotic systems that interact and/or integrate with humans.

Learning objectives


  • Must have knowledge about the terminology within collaborative robotics
  • Must be able to understand how a particular collaborative robotic system e.g. the semester project of the student, relates to similar systems and, if relevant, to the human body and/or the surrounding society
  • Must know how to formulate own competences related to PBL


  • Must be able to analyse a problem and suggest a solution that uses relevant theories and methods from collaborative robotics
  • Must be able to analyse a collaborative robotic system and identify relevant constraints and assessment criteria
  • Must be able to synthesize, i.e., design and implement, a system (or parts hereof) using relevant theories and methods from collaborative robotics
  • Must be able to evaluate a collaborative robotic system (or parts hereof) with respect to the aforementioned assessment criteria
  • Can reflect over own use of PBL methods and how these methods can be used in the future projects and work situations


  • Must be able to communicate the above knowledge and skills (using proper terminology) both orally and in a written report
  • Must be able to select relevant collaborative robotic theories, methods, and tools, and synthesize them in a new context to produce new knowledge and solutions¬†

Type of instruction

Project work.


Prerequisite for enrollment for the exam

  • An approved PBL competency profile is a prerequisite for participation in the project exam


Name of examCollaborative Robotics
Type of exam
Oral exam based on a project
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingExternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Facts about the module

Danish titleSamarbejdende robotter
Module codeESNROBK2P3
Module typeProject
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionEnglish
Empty-place SchemeYes
Location of the lectureCampus Aalborg
Responsible for the module


Education ownerMaster of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Robotics)
Study BoardStudy Board of Electronics and IT
DepartmentDepartment of Electronic Systems
FacultyThe Technical Faculty of IT and Design