Robot Integration


Content, progress and pedagogy of the module

A robot is a versatile mechanical device equipped with actuators and sensors under the control of software running on a computer system. Mechanically as well as in software and associated algorithms the individual components must be integrated into one robot system. With the exception of controlled environments, it is generally not realistic to anticipate all motions and actions a robot may have to take to accomplish a requested task. It requires robots to take actions automatically and potentially allows the user to declaratively specify what tasks to have performed, not how.

Learning objectives


  • Must have an understanding of the interaction between the basic components of a robot system
  • Must have an understanding the most common architectures and frameworks for robot control software
  • Must have insight into the notion of protocols and data communication used in robot systems
  • Must have knowledge of how robots are integrated in a larger context (e.g. in a manufacturing enterprise)


  • Must be able to select and use appropriate robotics software frameworks for a specific robotics task
  • Must be able to deliberate on the appointment of functionality to components and architectures for hardware and software


  • Must have the ability to integrate mechanics, sensors, actuators and associated algorithms and architectures to support the control of a robotics problem
  • Must have the ability to develop a dynamic model of a robotics problem
  • Must have the ability to design and implement controllers to solve a robotics problem
  • Must be able to integrate robots in a larger context (e.g. in a manufacturing enterprise)

Type of instruction

See the general description of the types of instruction described in the introduction to Chapter 3.



Name of examRobot Integration
Type of exam
Oral exam based on a project
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingExternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Facts about the module

Danish titleRobot integration
Module codeESNROBB5P1
Module typeProject
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionEnglish
Empty-place SchemeYes
Location of the lectureCampus Aalborg
Responsible for the module


Education ownerBachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering (Robotics)
Study BoardStudy Board of Electronics and IT
DepartmentDepartment of Electronic Systems
FacultyThe Technical Faculty of IT and Design