Kulturelle og kommunikative aspekter af globale processer


Modulets indhold, forløb og pædagogik


This module comprises classes in cultural and communicative processes as well as a project based study of a selected subject within the scope of this theme.

The project will be written on the basis of joint courses, in addition to one or a number of stream courses. Should the student wish to specialise, the project must be written within the framework of one of the four streams



  • cultural and communicative aspects of global processes, based on international research at the highest level within this field
  • cultural, social, political and economic developments which are relevant in relation to cultural and communicative processes
  • theoretical knowledge of communication between cultures and social identity formation processes in the global world
  • reflection on a scientific basis on selected culture and communication theories


  • Identification of scientific international and intercultural issues relating to the module area: cultural and communicative processes
  • assessing and choosing among culture and communication theories, methods and tools – and on this background in substantiating choices and setting up relevant models of analysis
  • critical analysis, discussion and communication of knowledge on cultural and communicative aspects of global processes


  • delimiting and analysing complex international and/or intercultural communicative processes in a creative, independent and methodologically well-founded manner
  • launching and implementing disciplinary and cross-disciplinary cooperation on cultural and communicative aspects of global processes
  • within the selected area, assuming independent responsibility for personal academic development and specialisation

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Prøvens navnCultural and Communicative Aspects of Global Processes
Skriftlig og mundtlig
An external combined oral and written group examination in: Cultural and Communicative Aspects of Global Processes.
The examination will take the form of a conversation between the student(s), the examiner and the other internal examiner on the basis of a project report prepared by the student(s).The project report will be viewed as the joint responsibility of the group, and it must not exceed 25 pages per student, or 30 pages if the report is prepared by one individual student. Duration of examination: 20 minutes per student and 10 minutes per group for voting and announcement of the result, up to a maximum total of two hours for groups and 30 minutes for individual examinations. The stipulated time intervals include voting and announcement of result.

Re-examinations will be held according to the rules in force on group examinations as stipulated in the Examination Order.
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CensurEkstern prøve
VurderingskriterierVurderingskriterierne er angivet i Universitetets eksamensordning

Fakta om modulet

Engelsk titelCultural and Communicative Aspects of Global Processes
Varighed1 semester
UndervisningsstedCampus Aalborg


StudienævnStudienævn for Tværkulturelle Studier
InstitutInstitut for Kultur og Læring
FakultetDet Humanistiske og Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet