Danish Biotopes – evaluation and management


Content, progress and pedagogy of the module


Learning objectives


Students who complete the module must be able to

  • explain terrestrial Danish nature types, including characteristic plant species, ecophysiology, status and threats


  • identify Danish nature types
  • prepare natural state assessments
  • carry out vegetative plant species determination

Type of instruction

  • Classes
  • Exercises
  • Group-based project assignment
  • Article presentations
  • Presentation of project assignments

Extent and expected workload

150 hours



Name of examDanish Biotopes – evaluation and management
Type of exam
Active participation/continuous evaluation
In connection with re-examinations, the form of examination will be a written report.
AssessmentPassed/Not Passed
Type of gradingInternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Additional information

Knowledge of the different nature types that exist is essential for the biologist, environmental engineer and geographer who work in the Danish landscape with nature or resource management. Knowledge of the most important plant indicator species is an important tool and determining/keying habitat types via plant species and assessing the quality of the habitat type is essential on the course. The connection between nature types and the most important EU directives in the area of nature as well as Nature legislation gives the student the opportunity to include knowledge from the course in a management-oriented project.

It is assumed that the student already has or via self-studies will acquire knowledge of the following subjects (possibly through other course modules)

  • Nature types related to streams or lakes, the characteristic species of aquatic plants in streams and lakes and their relationships to (a)biotic factors (limnology)
  • Hydrology in soil, lakes and streams (limnology)
  • EU directives
  • Basic botany and understanding of adaptations of terrestrial plants to the environment (botany and plant physiology)
  • Marine habitats (marine biology)

Facts about the module

Danish titleDanske Naturtyper – evaluering og forvaltning
Module codeK-BIO-K2-7
Module typeCourse
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionDanish and English
Empty-place SchemeYes
Location of the lectureCampus Aalborg
Responsible for the module


Education ownerMaster of Science (MSc) in Biology
Study BoardStudy Board of Chemistry and Bioscience
DepartmentDepartment of Chemistry and Bioscience
FacultyThe Faculty of Engineering and Science