Analoge kredsløb og systemer


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The module builds on knowledge from Knowledge of Circuit Theory and Dynamic Systems corresponding to P2-KDS

Modulets indhold, forløb og pædagogik

In a world that is inherently analogue it is important that engineers are familiar with analogue circuits and systems - in particular their uses and limitations. Knowledge of analogue as well as digital, circuits and systems is essential in enabling students to design and implement complex electronic systems in an optimal way.

The purpose of this project unit is therefore to support the students in their understanding of analogue circuits and systems; including analogue electronic components, their models, how to use the components and also the limitations of the components. The project will support the students in their understanding of fundamental methods of calculation for analogue circuits and systems on an application level and it will provide students with an understanding of the valid spheres of application for the methods.



  • demonstrate an understanding of the most common analogue electronic components, their uses and their limitations
  • demonstrate an understanding of applied models, their valid spheres of application and their limitations
  • demonstrate an understanding of component tolerances and how these may affect circuit and system performance


  • apply methods of calculation (among others from linear algebra) for analogue electronic circuits and systems to satisfy design criteria
  • apply relevant and suitable models in the design of analogue electronic circuits and systems
  • account for component tolerances and key non-ideal performance characteristics of components and explain what mitigation measures can be used in the design of analog circuits
  • apply relevant methods for measurement and characterization of electrical circuits and systems considering also measurement uncertainties and reproducibility of measurement results
  • clearly document measured performance of implemented circuit and system blocks


  • use relevant methods for specifying, designing, implementation, testing and documenting analogue electronic circuits and systems
  • conduct a judiciously system modularization based on given specifications, requirements and regulations
  • based on derived specifications choose the most appropriate circuit topologies and to argue for the choices
  • reflect on the models used and to evaluate the validity of the models for the specific usage
  •  reflect on the applied measurement methods and related measurement uncertainties
  • evaluate results from measurements, simulations and calculations in relation to applied models and their limitations


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Prøvens navnAnaloge kredsløb og systemer
Mundtlig pba. projekt
CensurIntern prøve
VurderingskriterierVurderingskriterierne er angivet i Universitetets eksamensordning

Fakta om modulet

Engelsk titelAnalogue Circuits and Systems
Varighed1 semester
UndervisningsstedCampus Aalborg


StudienævnStudienævn for Elektronik og IT
InstitutInstitut for Elektroniske Systemer
FakultetDet Tekniske Fakultet for IT og Design