Fundamental Wastewater Treatment


Prerequisite/Recommended prerequisite for participation in the module

The module adds to the knowledge obtained in Fundamental Chemistry, Biology and Hydraulics.
NOTE that this course is conducted together with the 6th semester bachelor in Civil Engineering (with specialisation in Water and Environment) (AAU). The intended learning outcome is increased compared to the bachelor level.

Content, progress and pedagogy of the module


Students who complete the module:

Learning objectives


  • Of advanced wastewater treatment.               
  • Of theory for physical, chemical and microbial treatment and separation processes.
  • Of treatment for nutrients (nitrogen and phosphor).
  • Of anaerobic processes in activated sludge.
  • Of physical separation processes.


  • Shall be able to quantify the important biological, chemical and physical processes which is used for a process based wastewater treatment plant design.
  • Shall be able to account for the interaction between the physical, microbial and chemical processes and the loading of the treatment plant.
  • Shall be able to characterize wastewater.
  • Shall be able to optimize wastewater treatment systems.
  • Shall be able to design plants for mechanical and chemical treatment of wastewater.
  • Shall be able to understand to design activated sludge and biofilm treatment plant for removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphor.
  • Shall be able to understand biological mineralization processes of carbon, nitrogen and phosphor and model these


  • To plan and design new treatment plants.
  • To analyze the function of existing treatment plants.
  • To structure and produce technical documentation of complex problems, methods and results.
  • To communicate problems, findings and results graphically as well as oral to the relevant target audience.

Type of instruction

Lectures, etc. supplemented with project work, workshops, presentation seminars, lab tests.

Extent and expected workload

Since it is a 5 ECTS project module, the workload is expected to be 150 hours for the student.



Name of examFundamental Wastewater Treatment
Type of exam
Written or oral exam
Individual oral or written exam.
The level of complexity of exercises/demands for the master students attending the course is increased in comparison with the bachelor students attending the course.
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingInternal examination
Criteria of assessmentThe criteria of assessment are stated in the Examination Policies and Procedures

Facts about the module

Danish titleGrundlæggende spildevandsrensning
Module codeB-VM-K2-10
Module typeCourse
Duration1 semester
Language of instructionEnglish
Location of the lectureCampus Aalborg
Responsible for the module


Study BoardStudy Board of the Build Environment
DepartmentDepartment of the Built Environment
FacultyFaculty of Engineering and Science