Kultur, Identitet, Politik


Modulets indhold, forløb og pædagogik

The objective of the module is to provide students with knowledge of theoretical and methodological discussions within the themes of culture, identity and politics in the context of refugees and migration. The module will link the more general theoretical analyses within the three fields with a specific analysis of refugees and migrants, both while they are on the move and when they arrive.

The module includes themes within:

  • Culture and identity issues of refugees and migrants - also from a political perspective.
  • Cultural and identity-related analyses of the strategies refugees use as a group and to identify themselves politically and in relation to other groups.

The module consists of lectures and seminars, possibly with exercises and student contributions.




  • possess knowledge of the theoretical and methodological tools within the research areas of culture, identity and politics in relation to forced migration and can reflect on these on a scientific basis
  • possess in-depth knowledge of the analytical perspectives in the discussion of the three fields in an interdisciplinary context.


  • can apply their knowledge within the module’s subject areas to select theories that serve the analytical purpose and at the same time remain critical to these theories.
  • can analyse, interpret and contextualise forced migration from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.


  • can reflect and argue on the basis of scientific knowledge
  • can reflect critically on the use of culture and identity in the analysis of forced migration.


Teaching and learning methods

The module consists of lectures and seminars, possibly with exercises and student contributions.

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Prøvens navnCulture, Identity, Politicq
Skriftlig eller mundtlig
The modules in Topical Seminars within Development and International Relations, Culture, Identity, Politics and Globalisation, Forced Migration and Refugee Policy in Terms of Development Policy and in a Historical Context (3 x 5 ECTS) will be jointly evaluated in one examination; either an internally assessed individual written examination or oral examination.
CensurIntern prøve
VurderingskriterierThe grade 12 will be awarded to students who give an excellent performance and demonstrate that they have fulfilled the objectives for the module exhaustively or with only few insignificant omissions.

The grade 02 will be awarded to students who demonstrate that they have fulfilled the minimum acceptable level of the learning objectives for the module.

Fakta om modulet

Engelsk titelCulture, Identity, Politics
Varighed1 semester
UndervisningsstedCampus Aalborg, Campus København


StudienævnStudienævnet for Internationale Forhold
InstitutInstitut for Kultur og Globale Studier
FakultetDet Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet