Cyberkriminalitet og Informationssikkerhed


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  • Must have knowledge about the regulation on personal data and other related privacy rules.
  • Must have knowledge about basic regulation on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Must have knowledge about EU law protecting business secrets that are protected and worth protecting from hacker-attacks from a civil and criminal perspective.
  • Must have knowledge about regulation covering net security (ensuring the protection of personal data, business and governments secrets).
  • Must have knowledge about regulation on information security, including the safeguarding of information through risk management.
  • Must have knowledge about reporting obligations and security plans. 
  • Must have knowledge about security regulations within the Personal Data Act and special regulations covering information security.
  • Must have knowledge about EU regulation on risk management and information security as well as the EU policy in this area.
  • Must have knowledge about securing evidence after a cyber-attack for use in further investigations or court proceedings


  • Must be able to identify which criminal acts that may be violated in different cyberattacks or hacker-attacks and the criminal procedures that cover this.
  • Must be able to identify requirements and create policies to establish a consistent IT architecture that assure information protection.
  • Must be able to identify security incidents or cybercrimes and act in timely manner to ensure relevant evidences


  • Must have the competency to select and prioritize measures for protection of networks, services, personal data and other protectable information, and thus prepare an information security policy and security plans.
  • Must be able regularly as part of a company's planning and operation to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to manage the risks to ensure personal security of networks and services that meet a certain level of security.
  • Must have the competency to act in timely manner on criminal acts and seek to establish the necessary procedures to ensure evidence to be able to analyze and respond to a possible virus or hacker attack


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Prøvens navnCybercrime and Information Security Law
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Engelsk titelCybercrime and Information Security Law
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StudienævnStudienævn for Elektronik og IT
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