New Media Aesthetics


Modulets indhold, forløb og pædagogik

The course introduces students to the most fundamental developments, changes and challenges in the aesthetics resulting from the introduction and evolution of digital tools of artistic creation. The course leads them to reflect on the transformation of the principles of traditional aesthetics caused by the 21

evolution of new forms of artistic practice in the field of digital media. It provides them with the overview of the most important aesthetic categories and concepts created to describe and analyse artistic phenomena in the area of new media arts. During the course, students also acquire knowledge of main trends and research positions in the field of new media aesthetics. The course will enable the students to develop theoretical, critical discourses concerning aesthetic theory as well as practice of new media arts.



  • Advanced knowledge of the evolution of traditional paradigm of aesthetics in relation to the development the use of digital technologies in artistic practice.
  • Advanced knowledge of categories, theories and concepts of new media aesthetics.
  • Advanced knowledge of the history and evolution of new media aesthetics.
  • Knowledge of challenges and discourses of new media aesthetics in relation to evolution of digital and post-digital technologies and tools of artistic creation.


  • Advanced ability to operationalize gained knowledge of new media aesthetics in analysing and interpreting various phenomena of new media arts.
  • Ability to develop critical discourse on new media arts and related cultural phenomena.
  • Advanced ability to write critically on new media arts and new media aesthetics.
  • Understanding and ability to critically analyse challenges and new possibilities resulting from the development of new media technologies.


  • To reflect on various consequences of the development of new media technologies on the evolution of contemporary art and culture.
  • To reflect on challenges for contemporary art and culture resulting from the development of new media technologies
  • To critically investigate the roles, recent possibilities and prospects of new media technology in contemporary art and culture.



Prøvens navnNew Media Aesthetics
Aktiv deltagelse og/eller skriftlig opgave
During the semester the students will read and analyse numerous texts. Their activity during classes will be a part of the final evaluation. At the end of the semester the students write a critical essay on a subject that each of them choose for themselves. The subject of the essay should be discussed with the
coordinator of the course in advance. The essay should be 3000 – 3500 words long and should be written according to the editorial rules of academic papers.
The final grade is based on the evaluation of the quality of the essay (70%) and active participation (30%).
CensurIntern prøve

Fakta om modulet

Engelsk titelNew Media Aesthetics
Varighed1 semester
This module is offered only as a part of the ERASMUS MUNDUS Master of Excellence: Media Arts Cultures at University of Lodz, Poland
3rd semester
UndervisningsstedAnden placering


StudienævnStudienævnet for Kommunikation og Digitale Medier
InstitutInstitut for Kommunikation og Psykologi
FakultetDet Humanistiske Fakultet