Content, progress and pedagogy of the module

The course will support the students in the learning of classical statistical analysis of measured date.

Learning objectives


  • Understanding of the classical methods of statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative measurement data in connection with designed experiments, including:
    • Exploratory techniques for data analysis
    • Multi-variance analysis
    • Multiple regression analysis
    • Covariance analysis
    • Analysis of Latin squares
  • and
    • Logistic regression analysis
    • Item-response analysis
    • Contingency table analysis (including 2-sided and 3-sided tables and conditional independence)

In addition, knowledge of graphical models


  • The student should be able to use a software package for analysis and interpretation of data related to specific trials.


  • Can identify and calculate relevant and simple empirical frequency and association and to assess their statistical uncertainty.
  • Can compile, analyze and verify a statistical model for describing data from a designed experiment
  • Can on basis on scientific hypotheses formulate, test and evaluate hypothesis corresponding statistical validity.
  • Can disseminates the results of a statistical analysis and discuss implications of the analysis predictions.

Type of instruction

Lectures with exercises

Extent and expected workload

Since it is a 5 ECTS course module, the work load is expected to be 150 hours for the student



Name of examStatistics
Type of exam
Written or oral examination
Permitted aids
With certain aids:
Unless otherwise stated in the course description in Moodle, it is permitted to bring all kinds of (engineering) aids including books, notes and advanced calculators. If the student brings a computer, it is not permitted to have access to the Internet and the teaching materials from Moodle must therefore be down loaded in advance on the computer. It is emphasized that no form of electronic communication must take place.
Assessment7-point grading scale
Type of gradingInternal examination
Criteria of assessmentAccording to the Faculty’s assessment criteria.

Additional information

In collaboration with the supervisor the student can replace Statistics course with another approved course if it can  improve the student's profile. Application must be sent to the Board of Study.

Facts about the module

Danish titleStatistik
Module codeEN-ED6-7-3
Module typeCourse
Duration1 semester
Empty-place SchemeYes
Location of the lectureCampus Esbjerg
Responsible for the module


Study BoardStudy Board of Energy
DepartmentDepartment of Energy Technology
FacultyFaculty of Engineering and Science